election 2016


photo by amanda

sept. 26, 2016

9:35 p.m. — 9:45 p.m.

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, 68, is in a state of absolute zen. it’s the first time she’s truly been able to implement all her therapist has taught her. “breathe in, breathe out.” “something something else wisdom to know the difference.” the ocean! think of the ocean.

but she thinks of her granddaughter. it is her birthday.


donald trump: [talks]
# of interruptions: 0

hillary: [i have to look at him. i have to keep looking at his face. i have to. i have to. i have to smile.

fuck. am i smiling too much? close my mouth. i wanna talk but — gotta close my mouth.

is under leveraged is word?

scratching my nose scratching my nose.

it’s my granddaughter’s fucking birthday.]

hillary: [gets to talk]
# of interruptions: 2

donald trump: [talks]
# of interruptions: 0

hillary: [why did i have to wear the red suit just because he’s wearing the blue suit? i like the blue suit.


gotta turn that into a twitch


lester holt: [finally says anything]

[lester holt mentions race]

[oh shit]

hillary: [yaaaaas]

donald trump: [gags on his water]