Jan. 21, 2017

Today, I was honored and humbled to speak at the Women’s March on Ithaca in Ithaca, NY.  According to the Ithaca Voice, over 10,000 people were there, which is wild considering that Ithaca’s resident population is 30,000.

(Click here for audio of my speech, that I will reflect on when I am old and grey and do not cringe at the sound of my voice)

I spoke for those four minutes, but mostly, I listened. I read signs, and was overwhelmed by the amount of families who brought small children with their own messages to share. I listened to other speakers and musicians. I listened to the people in the crowd reflecting with their friends as I reflected with mine.

I was sobered by the reminder that 53 percent — 53 percent! — of white women voted for Donald Trump. I thought about my roles as a white woman, a young person, a journalism student, a future and current educator. What can I do differently?

The beauty of collective demonstration is incredible. I’m so glad I chose to march with my community today. I celebrate every person who marched and hope they found solace. But I also fully comprehend that this isn’t the end; this is just the spark. This is the beginning. There are so many ways to take action (call a senator/ hold up a sign/ hold a hand/ donate your money/ donate your time), and you should seize every one you can manage to.

Sending love.


me & @domrecckio & @KaitlinLogsdon & @amandarliving / signs also by me, photo by @evansobkowicz