5 Overlooked Costumes for Young Women

I know it’s not Halloween season, but my costume brainstorming never ceases. So, here goes…

  1. Ann & Nancy Wilson in the video for “Alone”

The giant black ballroom dresses. The fishnet veil. The thick-rimmed eyeliner. The leather. THE LEATHER.

This costume is recommended for piano and guitar-players, sisters, and those pairs in which one person has light hair and one person has dark hair. Warnings: the dresses probably weigh a zillion pounds, so they probably won’t be too mobile.

  1. Nani & Lilo from Lilo & Stitch


Being that this is, like, the only Disney cartoon with realistic body types, this is a great one if you feel like your stomach is not flat enough for Halloween– a physically impossibility, btw, because Halloween knows no bounds. Nani has some rockin’-strong thighs and great hair. The only issue is that Lilo needs to be at least three feet shorter than Nani, think that aliens are dogs, and have hair the length of her body.

  1. Alice and the White Rabbit

This is only a problem because someone’s going to get to wear mary janes and a Peter Pan collar and be cute as hell, and the other one is going to have to wear bunny ears, a formal vest, a monocle, and no pants (according to the Tim Burton version, and also just for sharp contrast. People will definitely know who’s who in the pair if you remind them that bunnies don’t wear pants.) I’d recommend drawing straws to decide.

  1. Virginia Woolf & Vita Sackville-West


Excellent costume if you and your girl BFF are both married to different men, all of you are in the artsy in-crowd (you know, like the popular stoner drama-geeks), but you and said friend are actually in a secret and passionate lesbian relationship that your husband is chill with but your girl’s husband is so not. If you like floor-length and poorly-fitted dresses, even better!

  1. Two ears


For those with high pain tolerances, because there are gonna be piercings all over. Since your whole body is an ear, here are the substitutions: a shoulder is the cartilage, a belly button is one of those tragus things, and your knee is your earlobe itself. Go figure.


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